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Full text of "The Essense Of The Holy Bhagavad Gita"

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The essence of the Holy Bhagavad Gita 

The following notes are derivatives according to my understanding of 
Holy Bhagavad Gita. Lord Sri Krishna is the universal teacher and 
Bhagavad Gita is his gift to the mankind to save them from grief and 

Always remember one thing. You came alone into this world crying. 
You will go alone out of this world crying. In between these two you 
come across many objects which are not belonged to you. There is 
no use in crying for these objects. Always try to be happy with 

You are the only real thing in the universe. Everything else is 
manifestation of you. 

Death is not caused by age. It is the indirect result of constant 
destruction of our body by six enemies who live inside us. If we expel 
these enemies from our body we will become immortals. 

Your wealth, spouse, children, relatives and friends do not follow you 
in the end, but Dharma does. Embrace it. Dharma is your real 
companion, follower, friend and relative. 

Extract happiness, the ultimate bliss, from within you and not from 
outside because only you are real and everything else is imaginary. 

From birth to death we are wasting our entire lives in search of the 
elusive happiness everywhere else while ignoring its abundance 
presence within ourselves. 

If you know all about you, there is nothing else to know in the 

Lust is the most dangerous out of all your six enemies. Anger is its 
eldest son. Both of these combined together into deadly form to 
wreck havoc in your body to keep health, peace and happiness out of 
your reach. Without these three, [health, peace and happiness] your 
life is a waste. 

Like candle that burns in self destruction, you are destroying your 
body day and night by unknowingly satisfying your six enemies, who 
reside inside you. 

Death is nothing but transition from one form to another just as you 
change your dress. The only difference is duration. The embodiment, 
the atma of You, is permanent. 

Nothing in the universe is destructible because everything seen or 
perceived is an illusion. 

The whole universe is born out of nothing and it will be dissolved into 

Our body is an illusion born out of three gunas. Atma is real and 
everlasting. Atma can neither be destroyed nor created. 

The only truth is the existence of “you” the atma and everything else 
is an illusion. 

The all pervasive Atma has no bounds, no form, no origin and no end. 
It is everlasting and never changing. 

The primary source of all objects, the seen or unseen; the heard or 
unheard; the imagined or unimagined; is all pervasive Atma 

As fire is engulfed by smoke; mirror obscured by dust; fetus covered 
by amnion, so is the knowledge buried by insatiable sexual desire. 
The sexual desire is the biggest enemy of the wise. This insatiable 
burning desire will obstruct and destroy knowledge. 

Attachment to all worldly pleasures is the epicenter of cyclonic storm 
of sorrow which damages mental equilibrium. Detachment from all 
worldly pleasures is the right path to salvation. 

Change is permanent and constant. Existence is ephemeral. If 
existence has age then there will be no “change”, the primary 
building block of universe. The universe is evolving at all times 
because of change. Without change there is no universe. 

Everything visible is temporary and changing at all times. At the 
minute level of time there no visible thing at all. Only the Atma, the 
invisible, is permanent and pervasive. 

The time is the result of change and not by the movement of planets 
and stars. Hence time is timeless. 

The universe is an embodiment of visible [illusion] and invisible [real]. 
It oscillates between existence and non-existence; illusion and real; 
time and timeless. 

If you go after visible things [illusion] it will lead you to sorrow 
because they actually do not exist. If you try to find the invisible atma 
[real] it will give you everlasting joy. 

If visible things really give you happiness you would have stuck to the 
first plaything, you received from your parents, till your death. As the 
time elapses you will seek happiness from different objects. For 
happiness you constantly try to change the objects believing that 
happiness comes from objects. But happiness lies within you and not 
outside. If you fail to get the object you will get anger and anguish. 
Trying to form bonds between your body and outside objects is the 
main cause of anger and anguish. You become sad when you lose 
the objects you love. Here the sorrow is not the result of losing the 
object but because of your attachment to the object. The attachment 
comes from within you towards the object. When this chord of 
attachment breaks the sorrow will come out of your body in the form 
of tears. So both sorrow and happiness lie within you and not 
outside. So to evade sorrow do not form bonds/attachments 
between you and the outside objects. 

The most astonishing in the world is the fact that although man sees 
people dying around him every day he continues to amass massive 
wealth as if he is the only immortal in the world. 

The crows do not read holy books and do not go to places of 
worship. But they share whatever a little is found and eat 
communally. Man reads holy books and goes to places of worship. 
But he amasses massive wealth only for himself and he enjoys it 

The source of all happiness lies within you. Try to find the source of 
happiness to get peace permanently. 

Senses are greater than body [visible] because they control it. Mind is 
greater than senses because it controls them. Intelligence is greater 
than mind because it controls mind. Atma [invisible] is greater than 
intelligence. So the Atma, the invisible, is greater than anything else 
that is visible. So the Atma controls everything and it proves beyond 
doubt that the whole thing [visible] evolved from Atma [invisible] 

All individuals are equal. All works are equal. When you look into the 
mirror the object you see is of you. The universe is a mirror. 
Everything you see in the universe is just a reflection of you in 
different forms and shades. So love everyone and everything. 

One who sees no difference between individuals is the real 

Concentrate on every work you perform. Do not bother about its 

The ultimate bliss comes to you when you keep others happy. 
Jealousy is an inferno that burns you into ashes. 

Sattva, Rajo, and Tamo are three primary particles of this universe. 
Satva propagates, Raja fosters Tama destroys. Everything you see, 
perceive, think and imagine is the product of these three primary 
particles. Anything outside these three is the almighty. Discarding 
these three is said to be Moksha or liberation from all bonds. 

Fear is the result of bondage that comes from attachment. Unshackle 
yourself from all bonds of attachment. 

Note - These are my observations according to my understanding of 
the Holy Bhagavad Gita.